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The Practice Of Patience


This is funny. My last podcast episode of 2018 was about the learning curve needed when you try or buy something new. Here is a link to the audio gold of that episode…


Well, my first blog post took about 15 minutes to write. I knew I just wanted to briefly celebrate the published article. Easy. Well I have spent 3 hours on the technical background of this blog to get it to display how you see it. Argh! It may not appear exactly as I would like it, but from what I can understand is the classic wordpress editor and the new new editor and my page’s theme are all messing with these posts. Again, Argh!


I will let you know how this gets resolved…

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YAY 2018



The last few days of 2018 were great for The Berea Podcast and Front Porch Studios. Check out this screen shot…

I was very happy that the article was published in the Podcast Business Journal and it was great that the editor allowed me to keep The Berea Podcast as one of the top 10! Here is a link to the full article: I was asked to submit more of my writing to the Journal, so expect more exciting news in 2019!

I think the name of my next article will be ‘Squelch’. More later…


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